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'Christmas Lady' opens her home for the holidays

Every year 90-year-old Rita Giancola spends months getting her home ready for Christmas. It's a sight to see.


Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village

Ben Bailey is live at Greenfield Village for their annual Holiday Nights event.



Sick kids flown to the North Pole for Santa

While most children wait and hope Santa visits them at home on Christmas Eve, this year dozens of Denver-area children went directly to the big man's Arctic home turf.


Program aims to give preschools jump start

A preschool program in Detroit is teaching important developmental skills to children in an effort to stop the cycle of poverty.


YouTube CEO: Paid maternity leave is good for business

Paid maternity leave is good for moms, it's good for families, and it's good for business.

That's according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, who advocated for all American women to get the benefit in an oped she penned for the Wall Street Journal this…


Devastating form of dementia that's not Alzheimer's

A devastating disease stole Robert Doheny's mother away. Now he's on a mission to make sure other families don't have to fight that fight alone.



Re-gifting is fine... if you follow these rules

Happy Re-Gifting Day!

Today might not be a well-known holiday marked on calendars (yet), but it's a practice many of us are familiar with during the holiday season.

In fact, more than three in four Americans find re-gifting socially acceptable,…


How to encourage children to give back

Ashlee Baracy reports on ways parents can teach children that it’s better to give than receive this holiday season.


Holiday 'angels' pay off layaway bills

This special group of people help families in need.


Shopping for kids with special needs

There are certain toys you should consider.


School Closings

No closings were found at this time.

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