By Gail Kavanagh, Contributing writer

Creating an abundant, luxurious look in your bathroom need not be expensive. Here are some tips on making your bathroom a temple to the senses.

First of all, make sure the clutter of cleaning agents, spare toilet rolls and whatever, is out of sight. If you don't have a big enough bathroom cupboard for this, you can buy one from a flea market or thrift shop, sand it and paint it yourself.

If that sounds like a lot of trouble, try buying an unpainted pine cupboard. These are cheap, and easy to fix up in a color that matches your bathroom, or you can leave it plain if that suits the style of your bathroom.

For something different, comb the thrift shops and flea markets for a wicker basket, tin trunk or other out of the ordinary container in which to store the unmentionables.

Now you can give your bathroom the luxury look on a budget.

If tiling is out of the question, use adhesive backed covering, such as Contact, in one of the many patterns available. You can get a tiled look by putting on a backing layer of plain Contact, and then carefully cutting out squares of patterned Contact. Place these on the plain backing in a pleasing arrangement.

Try a blue backing with seashell or dolphin tiles, but make sure you have thoroughly washed and dried the walls before you start work. Soap scum will cause the Contact to peel.

If you have a small window in your bathroom, why not make it a feature? Get some stained glass paint from a craft shop, or easy to use stained glass decals, and decorate it. Hang a small sun catcher over the window. You can do the same thing with a bigger window, just keep the feature to one pane or area of the glass.

There's nothing like an abundance of luxurious soaps and perfume bottles to give your bathroom the luxury look, and thanks to the dollar shops, this is easy to achieve. Buy cheap copy perfumes in beautifully shaped bottles, or just collect the bottles. If you can't imagine actually wearing them, remember even these cheap perfumes make handy air fresheners. You can spray them on soft furnishings, fake flowers or curtains for a subtle fragrance.

Get some small baskets and fill them with cheap dollar shop soaps. These come in all shapes, sizes and fragrances now, and will give you a feeling of luxury, as you can change soap everyday for little cost.

When the soaps wear down, let them get soft and then roll the bits together in your palm to form a multi-colored, multi-perfumed ball. We call this mended soap, and it's the kids' favorite.

Finally, add some quick decorating features. On your next trip to the sea, look out for pieces of driftwood, shells and seaweed to create accent corners.

Shells look wonderful lined up on a window sill, and the flat mussel shells can become candle holders. A particularly interesting piece of driftwood can become a towel holder. Just tie each end of a strong white silk cord to each end of the driftwood to form a hanger.

Don't forget candles and scented oil, which can be bought cheaply from craft or dollar shops. Make your own bathroom cleaner by mixing equal amounts of detergent and water with a few drops of your favorite oil and put it in a recycled spray bottle. This is gentle on the surfaces and will leave a lovely fragrance.