Amateur photographer Angila Golik's images have launched a search for the mystery couple featured in her impromptu photographs.

Golik recently visited Washington, D.C. with her camera in tow, where she witness a romantic scene unfold before her at the Washington War Memorial.

Golik captured the marriage proposal of a man who appears to be dressed in a Air Force uniform proposing to his future bride-to-be.

"I noticed there was a couple standing in the middle of the rotunda, I watched it unfold before my eyes, he grabbed a ring from his pocket, grabbed her hand and placed it on her finger," Golik said during a Today Show interview.

Golik snapped her images from a distance away letting the couple have their moment.

Golik told the show that afterwards she tried to flag down the couple by calling out to them to offer them images of their special moment.

"I just want to give them their pictures," Golik said.

The search has now gone viral as the romantic at heart join in the search for the mystery couple.