Heart of Detroit: Time to shine

This edition of Heart of Detroit examines a local dance class for special needs children.

Special needs girls express themselves through dance

Today's special needs children play sports and compete on a global stage. It's a far cry from the segregation of decades ago, but there was one activity missing in metro Detroit -- dance.

Program explores what it means to be beautiful inside & out

Young girls are bombarded each day with unrealistic images of what it means to be perfect, and often these images have a lasting effect.

Detroit woman helps heal homeless

There are nearly 80,000 homeless children in Michigan, and many of them never receive medical care because homeless parents are afraid.

Org helps vets transition to life in civilian clothing

Every day the men and women of our armed forces risk their lives for our country and it takes its toll. Yet the biggest challenge is often when the soldiers return home.

Man serves to bring tennis to Detroit

Scott Yanak has been playing tennis his whole life. The decorated athlete-turned educator understands the will and drive it takes to play this complex sport. When a new opportunity moved him to Detroit he saw the need to bring his passion for the game to the students of Mumford High.

Man gives furniture to families coming out of homelessness

Mike S. is a 53-year-old Detroit business man. Twenty-five years ago his life was out of control. Homeless and addicted to drugs he sought shelter in a local YMCA.

Rebel Nell turns scraps of graffiti into wearable art

Some call it art and others call it vandalism. It covers our buildings and streets all across metro Detroit but two entrepreneurs have discovered a way to use its beauty.

Group organizes volunteer opportunities in metro Detroit

Heidi Muszall has always had a passion for helping others. Like many people in metro Detroit, the community-minded designer found it difficult to find volunteer opportunities that fit into her busy work schedule.

Man introduces Detroiters to wonder of horses

Durell Montgomery is not be your typical cowboy. For starters, he's from Detroit. He grew up riding horses with his family in Alabama but now he is trying to share his love of four-legged transport in the Motor City.

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