Man gives furniture to families coming out of homelessness

Mike S. is a 53-year-old Detroit business man. Twenty-five years ago his life was out of control. Homeless and addicted to drugs he sought shelter in a local YMCA.

Rebel Nell turns scraps of graffiti into wearable art

Some call it art and others call it vandalism. It covers our buildings and streets all across metro Detroit but two entrepreneurs have discovered a way to use its beauty.

Group organizes volunteer opportunities in metro Detroit

Heidi Muszall has always had a passion for helping others. Like many people in metro Detroit, the community-minded designer found it difficult to find volunteer opportunities that fit into her busy work schedule.

Man introduces Detroiters to wonder of horses

Durell Montgomery is not be your typical cowboy. For starters, he's from Detroit. He grew up riding horses with his family in Alabama but now he is trying to share his love of four-legged transport in the Motor City.

Boy, 12, starts foundation to help homeless

Twelve-year-old Robby Eimers isn't your ordinary kid. Instead of playing video games on the weekends, Robby is helping others who are less fortunate.

Detroit woman cares for thousands of kids over the years

Sometimes the soul of a neighborhood can be found on a front porch. Nearly 40 years ago Erica Wright was watching her son play baseball across the street. Some other kids started throwing rocks.

Man, crew help revitalize field where Tiger Stadium once was

The corner of Michigan and Trumbull is a special place for Detroiters. A postal worker named Tom Derry came by four years ago after Ernie Harwell died just for the memory. What he saw shocked him.

Detroit pastor's community barbecue brings sizzle to city

For many of us, summer means barbecue season. For a young pastor named Mike Schmitt, every barbecue-season Saturday for the last eight years is a gathering between folks from the suburbs and the city.

Woman's grass roots organization looks to eliminate graffiti

Holly Clements knows graffiti and her grass roots organization No More Broken Windows is set on eliminating it. The name came after Clements encountered one particular victim.

Duo gives free massages to senior citizens in Detroit area

It's a simple thing putting one hand inside another, but we don't do it often enough. Tom Gardiner and Mike McEvoy give free massages to senior citizens twice a month at St. Patrick's Senior Center.

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Tyree Guyton

 Inner State Gallery presents "Spirit", an exhibition showcasing Guyton’s Faces In The Hood collection from the iconic Faces of God series.  Each work in this collection was originally salvaged from the 1999 demolition, then stored in the War Room House which was set ablaze after the 5th arson…


To the rest of the country October represents Devils Night and Halloween, hear in Detroit it brings something far greater. The annually held Theatre Bizarre inside the elaborate Masonic Temple is what most Detroiters think of when October rolls around. The event is known as "the greatest masquerade…

Pearl Jam Live In Detroit

Around 1990 Guitarist Stone Gossard and Bassist Jeff Ament formed one of the most influential Grunge bands of the 90's and 2000's. That band originated as Mookie Blaylock, the name of a former NBA player but soon after became Pearl Jam. With Eddie Vedder as the front man, Pearl Jam has been rockin…

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