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Making a Difference: Michele Hodges

Many seasons ago, Michele Hodges used to spend time with her grandparents on Belle Isle.

Making A Difference: Janella Robinson

If there was ever an example of passion for what you do, it is exemplified within Janella Robinson.

Making a Difference: DPS's Steve Wasko

Public Education has been the foundation for many folks who have gone on and ...

Making a Difference: DPS's Steve Wasko

Find out what it takes to put together a successful school year.

Making a Difference: Lewis Moore

At 58, Lewis Moore has lived a very interesting life with 34 of those years being in jail.

Suit drive for disadvantaged workers

Men’s Wearhouse is holding its eighth annual National Suit Drive to benefit disadvantaged individuals trying to re-enter the workforce.

Making A Difference: Bud Denker

Penske Corporation Executive Vice President Bud Denker enjoys his job now as much as he did when he was first hired nine years ago.

Making A Difference: Revitalizing Sherwood Forest

In this edition of Making A Difference, Local 4 takes a look at the revitalization of Detroit's Sherwood Forest.

Making a Difference: Jimmy Settles

ClickOnDetroit.com columnist Reverend Lonnie Peek, Jr. shares the story of a local leader who is fighting to make the city of Detroit better for all of us.

Making A Difference : Alison Vaughn

In the very near future, Alison Vaughn, President/CEO of Jackets for Jobs, will be boarding a plane on the way to Dubai. She will be participating in the World Islamic Forum.

Clifford and Darcia Cheeks are local wellness advocates

Clifford and Darcia Cheeks, found that they had common interests relative to providing information and direction for improving the health of those in the Detroit community.

Make a Difference: Dr. Curtis Ivery

Back in his youth, Dr. Curtis Ivery had a learning experience through his dad that he never forgot.

Making a Difference: Dr. Curtis Ivery

ClickOnDetroit.com columnist Reverend Lonnie Peek, Jr. shares the story of a local leader who has a passion and love for educating our youth.

Local woman makes difference in lives of senior citizens

As Karen Love was finishing her master's degree in gerontology, she concluded that she had always wanted to...

Making a Difference: Improving the lives of seniors

Columnist Rev. Lonnie Peek, Jr. shares the story of a local woman who found her calling helping the elderly.

Everyday Hero: Rev. Sam Spruill

Could this community outreach program help you? ...

Character Development Through Music

Meet three friends who are changing lives through music ...

Making a difference through music

Reverend V. Lonnie Peek, Jr. introduces Local 4 News Today to three college students who are sharing their music expertise with kids.

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