"The beauty of this approach, when we get it right, is that for fans of that extended fiction, both the game and the related stories end up having more resonance and meaning. But for folks who simply play the games, the story of the game feels like it comes from a richer, deeper foundation."

Antonini said they had access to the developer's art department to represent the imposing Master Chief with an accuracy that fans would appreciate.

"This was an area we knew we couldn't veer in any way shape or form, and we'd be crazy to," Feldman said. "We had to make the best, most authentic Master Chief gear that you could make."

Daniel Cudmore, the actor selected for the beloved role, is an imposing presence on the screen. Cudmore also does all the stunts and action scenes in the Web series.

The bridge between Halo 3 and Halo 4

One of the bridges between "Halo 3" and "Halo 4" is a series of flashbacks to Master Chief's artificial-intelligence sidekick, Cortana, and what happens to her after the spaceship, "Forward Unto Dawn," is ripped in half at the end of "Halo 3." Feldman said he thinks casual and hardcore fans will appreciate some new insight as they get ready to play "Halo 4."

Part 1 of the live-action Web series was released in October, and the final episode was revealed just days before Tuesday's official "Halo 4" release. More than 8 million people watched the first episode on YouTube. It will be interesting to see how many continue the story in the video game.