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Holiday Returns: Reduce Stress, Frustration

The stress of large crowds and long lines is to be expected during holiday shopping.


Robert Galbraith/Reuters

Tesla set to upgrade range of original Roadster

Tesla Motors is about increase the range of the Tesla Roadster by nearly two-thirds, three years after it stopped making its first model.


Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Time travel with Cuba's Frankenstein cars

New cars, in communist Cuba, which has been under a U.S. trade embargo since the early 1960s, are difficult and expensive to acquire.


Ferre Dollar/CNN

$2 gas is becoming more widespread

Missouri gas stations had a nice Christmas present for drivers.

On Thursday, the state became the first in five years to have a statewide average gas price below $2 a gallon.

And gas that cheap is getting easier and easier to find elsewhere as well,…



Natural gas prices plunge in mild winter

Heating bills across the United States are falling this winter as unusually warm temperatures in the Eastern United States have crimped demand for natural gas as a source of heat.



Russia empties vault to prop up the ruble

Russia's central bank is running down its stash of foreign cash to try to stop its currency from plunging and contain the crisis threatening its economy.


Ferre' Dollar/CNN

McDonald's to end fry rationing in Japan

McDonald's customers in Japan have something extra to look forward to in the new year: The end of the french fry ration.



Americans binged on Frozen toys this holiday

Christmas is over. It's time to take stock of all the weird stuff Americans bought.


'Fearless' indie theaters screen 'The Interview'

This day, Christmas, might be the first good day Sony Pictures has had in a month.


Personal Finance

Million-dollar ideas that worked


Most people dream of coming up with a million-dollar idea, but these individuals have already made a lot of money with their innovative creations.

Organizer: don't pay bills where you eat


Keeping your life under control can be as simple as finding a home for all your stuff.

How will ACA impact taxes?

iStock / peanut8481

Accountants recommend people start reviewing their tax information early to figure out how the Affordable Care Act might impact their taxes this year.

Save money with these subs for expensive ingredients

iStock / epantha

Reduce your weekly grocery bill by buying these less expensive ingredients.

Tax-saving tips from experts

Get tips from licensed experts on how to save on your taxes this year.

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