Yes there are court challenges to all of this but everyone involved needs to remember one thing, the city is broke.

It’s going to run out of cash in the next month or so.

If all the hand wringing over state interference keeps this process from getting implemented then those people, those who believe Detroiters’ rights are getting trampled, will have committed a more grievous sin: making no decision is in fact deciding.

An emergency manager would surely come. Or, if the efforts in place now succeed in undoing Public Act 4 [that empowers the emergency manager system] it would lead to the worst of all possible outcomes: Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy.

In that scenario, a federal bankruptcy judge [likely from out of town] will carve up what is left of Detroit’s carcass.

I have lived in Michigan for 22 years now. I have worked in the city of Detroit for nearly 17. I care deeply what happens to this city, its fortunes are connected to mine personally [and my employer’s too]!  Nothing would make me happier than to cover Detroit’s genuine rebirth.

That said, it is most important to understand the cash is running out as is the clock. A Chapter 9 would be the saddest end to this most tragic saga.