Best Buy accidentally sends extra iPads in order, tells customer to keep them

Published On: Dec 08 2012 03:28:29 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 09 2012 02:50:07 PM EST

A major mix-up is now a holiday blessing. A Best Buy customer ordered an iPad from the retailer. But when the order arrived, what was inside was a huge surprise.

According to consumer affairs blog The Consumerist, Best Buy had sent five iPads instead of one. And rather than keeping them, the customer felt guilty and reached out to the company.

A representative for the company responded with a very touching message:

First and foremost, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your honesty. That is so rare in this day and age and I sincerely thank you!

We, here at Best Buy, acknowledge that we obviously made a mistake, but in the spirit of the holidays, we encourage you to keep the additional iPads and give them to people in need – friends, family, a local school or charity.

The customer, who's asked to be unidentified, says she doesn't know what she will do with the extra iPads.

On Thursday, the same blog reported another mix-up to the same extent.