Greg Ramfos made a pretty penny selling rivets, rings and fasteners - auto parts to big auto manufacturers.  But when two of the big three filed for bankruptcy his company I-A-G went under it looked like Greg was finished. He has a wife and two kids who were not only going to lose their station in life - but perhaps everything.

Then his daughter, Torrie came home one day with a silly band - a little stretch silicone bracelet. Once a rich man, Greg thought the six bucks was an extravagance. But, he got an idea. He swiped his wife's glass cake dish and went to work. He invented personalized silicone bracelets with pictures and images. Torrie became his first sales person.  They were on to something:  Roxo bracelets.

Small orders turned into hundreds and then more. Greg got the license to use the image of the popular boy band One Direction and business began to boom even more.