The belle of the ball this year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit is the Chevrolet Corvette. So, driving the sports car around a PlayStation track seems obligatory.

Video screens are everywhere at Cobo Center. If the crowd isn't too big there is fun to be had with them.

For all the ultra-modern metal there are some old classics from back when hood ornaments meant something special.

The Lincoln Motor Company emptied out a museum to show its gilded heritage. The quaint little pitch for the 1936 Zephyr V-12 was its good highway manners. Today, they would call it superior handling.

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Visitors to Cobo can channel their inner Frank Sinatra while gazing at the 1956 Lincoln Continental II.

On the flip side, there is a social media lounge and charging stations. Rest easy: tweeting from the show is almost guaranteed.

Inside the Lincoln Personal Soundscape you can channel your inner REM sleep.

Over at Toyota's display you can imagine your car's exterior with a changeable personal screen saver.

Images: Toyota Fun-Vii concept on display at NAIAS

Down in Michigan Hall there is a tiny bit of heritage: a micro car exhibit. There you will find the world's smallest production car: the Peel P-50. It makes a golf cart seem roomy.

The P-50's two-seat sister, the Trident, has a George Jetson-style bubble roof.

There also is a very odd-looking 1960 one-seat FMR T6-500 Tiger. Finally, the BMW Isetta 300. You can't sit in the Isetta and you can't argue with its German engineering and lillipution design.