NAIAS Attendees get inside look at Detroit

Detroit nonprofit takes NAIAS attendees on free tours of city

Published On: Jan 10 2014 02:39:10 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 12 2014 03:24:26 PM EST
Detroit -

Visitors from all over the world, who are coming to NAIAS, will also have the opportunity to see what Detroit has to offer.

D:hive, a nonprofit organization that aims to showcase Detroit, is offering free guided tours.

A group of journalists from Germany will be taking a tour Saturday.

D:hive hopes other journalists from around the country, and the world, will take advantage of the free tour.  The goal is to have them leave with a good impression of the city.

But the tours aren’t just for out-of-town visitors. Locals are also welcome to take the tours.

To learn more about D:hive visit their website: