Sick of crazy rush-hour traffic? Wanna skip over the gridlock in your own Jetsons-esque flying car?

Well the Massachusetts-based company Terrafugia says it's only two years away from getting cars in the sky, according to International Science Times.

The company has said it already has 200 orders for the new flying car -- The Transition -- which they refer to as a “roadable aircraft.”

The Transition will be designed to be kept in a garage but must be driven to an airport for takeoff and landing.

Not a bad deal if you've got an extra $280,000 on your hands.

Owners would be required to have a sport pilot certificate.

The second model, the TF-X, is still a concept from Terrafugia. The TF-X will take and land like a helicopter, which means it won’t require a runway. The company says most of the TF-X will be run by autopilot.

What about safety?

The company says the models will have parachutes and will be able to land itself in the event of any power or computer failure.