A judge is advising Detroit to stop releasing information about interim results of a two-month election on the city's plan to get out of bankruptcy.

Creditors have until July 11 to vote, including thousands of retirees who are considering pension cuts and health insurance changes.

In late May, emergency manager Kevyn Orr told reporters on Mackinac Island that the vote was running about 2-to-1 in favor.

Judge Steven Rhodes discouraged officials Thursday from making public disclosures until the vote is over. City bankruptcy attorney Heather Lennox didn't mention Orr but said the remark to reporters was "unfortunate."

Rhodes points out that there's more than just an up-or-down vote. The size of each voter's claim in the bankruptcy also counts.

Judge concerned about safety on Detroit tour

During a hearing Thursday, Rhodes also said he's concerned about safety if he and lawyers take a three-hour tour of the city. He suggested that the date and time won't be publicly disclosed if he accepts Detroit's offer to see the city's jewels and warts. The city believes a tour would help him as he decides whether to approve a bankruptcy exit plan.

Rhodes heard arguments but didn't immediately say what he'll do.

A creditor's attorney, Vince Marriott, says a three-hour tour reminded him of the theme song from the 1960s TV sitcom, "Gilligan's Island." He says, "We know how that turned out" — a shipwreck.

Detroit attorney Robert Hertzberg told the judge it's important to see "living, breathing" parts of the city.

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