BERKLEY, Mich. -

A power outage can spoil your food, leave you without air conditioning, and disconnect you from your favorite websites like

For some residents in Berkley, those inconveniences had given way to major frustration as they went without power for at least six days.

About 300,000 people lost power in Metro Detroit last week after strong storms. As most people were turned back on, John McNally of Wiltshire Road in Berkley was wondering when his neighborhood would have its power back.

"We've been calling them daily. All the neighbors have been calling them daily," McNally said after he called Ruth to the Rescue.

He could see a broken pole hanging in mid-air in his neighbor's yard. McNally said it snapped the storms on July 4th. The falling wires caused a small fire and electrocuted a neighbor's dog.

DTE turned off the power, leaving nine homes without electricity ever since.

"There's all these beautiful days. I know there's no more storms. Where are they?" McNally asked. 

McNally's four kids have been coping with no AC by camping out on the first floor, where it's cooler. The family's refrigerator is bare after most of the food spoiled.

"We took all of our meat out of the freezer, which was going to spoil, took it over to my sister's, and had a barbecue," McNally said.

Power outage stretches patience

Six days in, he said DTE wasn't giving him any good information on when the crisis would end.

A spokesman for DTE said constantly changing conditions after the storms made it hard to pinpoint when this problem would be solved. Three DTE trucks showed up while Ruth to the Rescue was in the neighborhood.

"It makes me feel very good that Ruth to the Rescue truly works," McNally said.

DTE said the pole should be fixed by the end of the day Tuesday. As of Tuesday afternoon, DTE couldn't confirm if the power was back on yet.

The company said just a handful of other customers are also still in the dark but power should be back online very soon.