In the dog days of summer, many of us crave the cool, sweet taste of ice cream.

Can you get good taste without paying top dollar?

The website recently conducted some blind taste tests of some less expensive ice creams. The brand went for $3.50 to $4.00 for a 1.5 quart carton. While that may not seem "cheap," consider that premium brands go for about $4 a pint.

For the purposes of this test, the website focused on vanilla ice creams. Here are some of the findings.

Ice cream taste test results

The hands down winner for less expensive ice cream was Breyers Natural Vanilla. The taste tester said it has a pleasing taste and a great vanilla bean flavor.

Edy's Rich and Creamy Grand Vanilla did not do as well, with tasters using the word "artificial" for the flavor, and others called it "garden variety".

Turkey Hill Original Vanilla was called bland and close to tasteless. Now, this is just one taste test, but it certainly gives you some food for thought when you go shopping for that cool treat.