Spirit Airline fees increase

Airlines raises baggage fees

Published On: Nov 05 2012 06:22:31 PM EST

If you're flying Spirit Airlines in the future, beware of higher baggage fees.

Starting Nov. 6, several fees will increase. In particular, of you pay for your carry-on at the gate, you will be charged $100. That's right $100 to carry a bag onto the plane.

Spirit is one of two airlines that currently charge fees for carry-on bags. The other is Allegiant, which charges up to $35.Spirit says it’s trying to discourage people from bringing those last-minute carry-on bags, as the process of paying for them at the gate slows down the boarding process for everyone.

If you pre-pay online for your carry-on, it will cost just $35.

To review all the updated baggage fees on Spirit Airlines, you can click this link to the airline's website.