The Crayola Marker Maker allows kids to create their own colored markers. Just snap a sponge inside a plastic tube, mix the colors they want and use their own marker to draw whatever you like.

"I really like the Marker Maker because it's really fun to play with and you can make markers and it doesn't matter what label you put on it," said 6-year-old Lilly.

During the toy test, Local 4 found children playing with the Marker Maker and Zoomer probably need a little adult guidance to get started.

Local 4 did toy test other toys for children ages 18 months to two years old, and three to five years old. To see the results from that test, click here.

Spinmaster's entire statement:

"Thanks for your inquiry related to your safety concern on the Flutterbye Fairy. For Spin Master, the safety of children is of paramount concern for us and we ensure that all of our toys are designed and tested with the safety of our customers in mind. We submit our toys to rigorous independent testing prior to shipping them to retailers and with respect to remote control products such as the Flutterbye Fairy or any of our other flying products, we make sure that we meet all international and North American safety requirements. In many cases, we actually exceed those requirements. In terms of the Flutterbye Fairy, as with all remote control planes with spinning props, it is important to play with the toy away from the face or hair given that tangles can occur if the blades make contact with long hair. Though not specifically a safety requirement, Spin Master has this caution/warning information available on our websites as well as instruction sheets that are included with all of our products. Additionally you can also see online videos and tutorials of how to properly operate the Flutterbye Fairy."

Rachel H. Griffin
Director of Global Communications