Do you plan on looking for a new job in 2014? recently found one in five people plan to start a job search this year.

Finding an opening can be difficult, so once you apply for a position, it's essential to succeed in the interview process. 

"It's always a little nerve-racking. Unsure," Jon Marko told Ruth to the Rescue at the Holiday Market in Royal Oak. "You don't know who you're going to meet, what you're going to do. Sometimes you don't even know if you want the job. I know I've been there."

Like Jon, a lot of people can be intimidated by job interviews.

Ruth to the Rescue spoke to Brian Partie, Associate Director at Oakland University's Career Services, for expert advice and answers to our job interview quiz questions. 

#1. What should you NOT do to prepare for a job interview?

A. Research the company

B. Learn the company's concerns and problems

C. Practice top interview questions

D. Memorize key questions to answers


The answer is D. "They would see that you had memorized something beforehand and you were trying to recite it back," Partie said. "And chances are something would catch you off guard. It might not be framed the same way, there might be a distraction in the room or outside the room, take your train of thought away and you'd be struggling to remember what was it that you prepared beforehand."


Better advice? "Get the resume out, refresh your memory on what it is you've done in the past and what it is that they saw on your resume, your application when you submitted it. They're going to want to talk about those things...Think about scenarios that you can talk about and provide specific examples on without trying to pre-program, to write a script out for yourself," Partie recommended.


#2. When should you arrive to your interview?

A. Right on time

B. Ten minutes early

C. Thirty minutes early

D. Sixty minutes early


The answer is B. It's important to leave yourself time to anticipate problems on the road. "If you're not familiar with the location, the organization, I would definitely map it out. Get a feel for what the traffic route might be like, if there's any construction in the way. Where you'll actually park, where you'll walk in at. Those would be things to figure out before the interview takes place," Partie said. However, arriving too soon could create unnecessary awkwardness, so ten minutes early is the perfect arrival time.


#3. What's one thing that you do NOT want to do during the first interview?

A. Negotiate pay