For many people, the one thing they never want to lose is their wedding ring. They are precious for their sentimental and monetary values.

Lelonnie Alexander, of Flint, lost her ring after she fell into the icy water after trying to pose for a vacation picture in Ocqueoc Falls.

"I said 'Honey I lost my ring!' I'm waving my fingers back and forth cause the water was so cold," said Alexander.

Lelonnie and her husband were not able to find the ring, so they filed a police report and used social media to alert the public about the lost ring. "I got on Facebook and I put it all out there and everything," said Alexander.

Though the couple returned home without the ring, they never gave up hope that it would be found.

Lost and Found!

That hope was rewarded thanks to a 12 year old boy with a sense of adventure, some goggles, and a love for snorkeling.

"Eventually I got a phone call from the police department saying, 'I think we've found your ring,'" Alexander said.

When Ruth to the Rescue met with Alexander, she was waiting to get her ring back. She could barely contain her excitement as she was about to be reunited with her precious wedding ring. "I'm so excited, I can't wait," she said.

It turns out a 12 year old Caden Gersky was the one to find the ring. "My son likes to use his goggles and his snorkel and look for things in the water and he had heard through a local that there was a missing wedding ring in the falls. So he told the group I'm going to find that ring." said Caden's father, John.

After about an hour, "He came running out of the falls saying I got it, I got it and he showed it to me. I couldn't believe it. He had it!" said John Gersky.

The Reunion

Today, Caden's father met Lelonnie and returned her wedding ring to her.

"It wasn't the money. It was that he found it. People were like you're not going to find it, and he came running out of there and said I got it, I got it. And I couldn't believe it," said Gersky. "It was the joy of finding it! Afterward when we said we found the owner he was thrilled. He is a good kid."

Caden's reward for finding the ring: $200. Lelonnie happiness for having it returned: Priceless.

"Oh my God, I'm going to shake to death!" said Alexander as she slipped the ring back on her finger.

Through her experience, Lelonnie has learned a valuable lesson: make sure you have a special rider on your homeowners insurance to insure your fine jewelry, otherwise you may not have enough coverage to get your precious jewelry replaced.

Insurance Pointers

Ruth to the Rescue spoke with some jewelers and insurance agents about protecting your fine jewelry. Many homeowners policies have some coverage for lost items, but it may be limited to around $2,500. That was the case for Lelonnie, and she said her ring is worth $4,000, so she would
have lost money.

The special riders on your homeowners or renter's insurance to cost extra. They can be a blanket policy covering a specific amount of jewelry, or you an itemize the specific items you own.

You should save the receipt for the item, and you may need to get a separate appraisal.

There are different levels of coverage. Full replacement value will pay the cost to have the item replaced, as it may be worth more when it's lost than at the time of purchase.

Speak to your jeweler and your insurance agent to find out what kind of coverage works best for you.