Many of you have seen the Ruth to the Rescue reports on television as our consumer unit helps Metro-Detroiters with their consumer disputes.

What you don't get to see, is how Ruth's Rescue Squad helps hundreds of other people behind the scenes.

Those dedicated men and women volunteer their time to help others, and they love the feeling of satisfaction.

"Sometimes you talk to people and they make you feel like, 'Wow, you changed my whole world." That's a great feeling," said veteran volunteer Dorothy Banks.

Earlier this year, Ruth to the Rescue hired some new volunteers and they've been making a difference in the lives of many viewers. At this time, the Rescue Squad has some openings on the schedule for a few more people willing to give their time to help others.

Our volunteers agree to work one day a week from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

They work inside the WDIV newsroom calling viewers who need help, and then trying to help them find a solution. Right now, we have openings on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons. 

"Anyone that is sitting home and has nothing to do that is interesting should come down here and we'll show you how interesting it can be to help others," said Terri Cerwin, another veteran volunteer.

If you might be interested, please contact Ruth to the Rescue by sending an email to  or by calling (313) 298-WDIV and leaving your contact information.

We hope to hear from more potential volunteers soon!