Ruth to the Rescue: Money saving advice

Bargain shopping mom shares her advice

Published On: Oct 22 2013 05:47:49 PM EDT

Ruth to the Rescue's Ruth Spencer has been sharing money-saving advice for years on Local 4 and ClickOnDetroit. Now, she's started a new feature you will see on Local 4's newest show, Live in the D. A team of bargain-hunting bloggers will share the deals the find, and their money-saving advice.

Melissa Buckles of Troy is the first money saver to share her advice. She's been running her website for three years and says she has about 25,000 readers each month. She's always been a bargain shopper. When she left her job in human resources to spend more time at home, she decided she couldn't keep her savings secrets to herself.

"I would see people spending too much money and I'd want to inform them that they could save money,  and use it on things they want to buy, instead of things they have to buy," said Buckles.

You may have seen Melissa on previous Ruth to the Rescue segments offering advice on Back to School and Black Friday shopping. However, she says you can find plenty of ways to save money year round.

"Groceries is a huge budget buster. People go to the grocery store without a plan. They don't meal plan. They don't use coupons," said Buckles.

Melissa says she doesn't teach "extreme couponing". She tries to help people save money in a way that's comfortable for them.

"If you're strategic about the way you shop, you can save a lot," she promises her readers, and now viewers of Live in the D.

She also shared one of the best bargains she ever found, "I actually, I bought a dress, online, that was originally $98 for $12!" And by the way, she also received free shipping!

Buckles shared some of her money-saving advice for Halloween costumes.

Halloween Costume Savings:

You can find more of Melissa Buckles great advice and bargains at