Wortheimer: I need to link you in on a conversation about Chapter 9?

Dillon: I don’t have a specific memory of that?

Wortheimer: Do you have a general memory?

Dillon: As I read this it had to do with deciding what options were available, about Detroit’s eligibility. It wasn’t a priority it was always a last resort option to us.

Wortheimer: Were you involved in the hiring of Kevyn Orr at that point.

Dillon: Yes

Wortheimer: What was your involvement?

Dillon: The first time I met Kevyn Orr was when we were interviewing five different law firms. We interviewed five different law firms and each received an hour.

Wortheimer: Did you recommend him be hired?

Dillon: I spoke with Richard Baird, he [Orr] was impressive in the meeting and that he should be hired.

Wortheimer: Were you concerned he worked for Jones Day?

Dillon: Not terribly, there was a review team.

Wortheimer: So there was some concern that it could have an appearance of impropriety.

Dillon: I actually held my vote [on the law firm selection] back because I was one of two people who knew Kevyn was being considered.

Wortheimer: Were there more extreme propriety issues in April 2013 when it came to hiring Jones Day as counsel for the city as opposed to counsel for the state as it had been in the past?

Dillon: I thought that Jones Day was hired before Kevyn was hired.

Wortheimer: Did you you have the same concerns?

Dillon: No because there were quite a few people voting for Jones Day and I withheld my vote. Kevyn removed himself from pushing Jones Day to be the city’s counsel. It was advised by Rich Baird that it would neither help nor hurt.

Wortheimer: Who is Brom Stibitz?

Dillon: He was my right hand. He did not have the title of chief of staff but that was the function he served.

Wortheimer: Who is Terry Stanton?

Dillon: He does Treasury my media relations.

Wortheimer: Were you aware that in April of 2013 he authored an email to Brom that took issue with Jones Day being hired as the attorneys being hired by the city?

Dillon: I don’t recall.

Judge: interrupts and asks how long the cross will take. Wortheimer says a half hour. The judge then decides to call for lunch. Court is adjourned until 1:30pm.