1:55 p.m.

Wortheimer: Do you recall Terry Stanton or anyone else raising the question of impropriety of the city employing Jones Day as its attorney as of the spring of 2013

Dillon: I don’t recall.

Wortheimer: Do you recall being concerned about it yourself at that time.

Dillon: It was an issue that I considered yes.

Wortheimer shows an email to Gov. Rick Snyder on July 8 discussing the Flowers case and a hearing of a preliminary injunction and an attempt to get a temporary restraining order on the state filing a Chapter 9 bankruptcy scheduled in Ingham County court for July 22nd.

Wortheimer: By July 15th you knew of the schedule of the Chapter 9 filing.

Dillon: I don’t have a specific memory of the date, I do remember having a pretty detailed schedule of what Chapter 9 would look like.

Wortheimer: In this email on the 9th, you say to the governor ‘we remain in many ways at the informational stage.” That was a true statement when you made it yes?

Dillon: Yes

Wortheimer: Were you aware as of July 9th taking things out of the informational stage?

Dillon: We were getting more information and things were just getting worse. The health of the pension funds were getting worse. Are you suggesting you learned of this after July 9th?

Dillon: I don’t remember the specific dates but the information was coming in fast.

Wortheimer: Do you remember telling the governor he needed to take a more deliberative approach in the process of a Detroit Chapter 9?

Dillon: I don’t have a specific memory of that no.

Wortheimer: Do you remember communicating to the governor’s office at this time your view as the state treasurer that the governor’s approach needed to be more deliberate.

Dillon: I do not remember but it sounds like a conversation I would have had at that time.

Wortheimer continues pressing Dillon about the memo, but the city objected saying the email did not go to Dillon, and Dillon invoked attorney client privilege prior to the objection. The judge agreed with the city and Dillon did not have to answer. 

Wortheimer offers another document: asking if he can identify it as an email to Brom Stimitz on July 10th, 2013.

Dillon reads and says “yes I recall this.”

It was an email discussing the governor’s recommendation letter.

Wortheimer: Did you think there was anything untoward with his asking you?

Dillon: No. I thought it was a courtesy.

Wortheimer: ou felt free to suggest changes did you not?

Dillon: Apparently, I guess.