Do you remember discussing anything regarding pension benefits?

Snyder: "No."

There was laughter in the courtroom as the governor said he was trying to get better and just answer questions yes or no but found himself answering the last question as, "I don’t recall."

1:30 PM --

Wortheimer was attempting to figure out who was paying for Kevyn Orr’s expenses. There was an objection from city and State attorneys. The Judge asked the governor where the money came from Snyder answered “a Separate non profit that was set up to help with government.

Wortheimer then started asking about Kevyn Orr’s turnaround plan. Snyder said “it was intended for negotiations.”

“It was a preliminary proposal.”

Wortheimer: Were you aware that pension benefits in the City of Detroit are not covered by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp.?

Snyder: “Yes”

Wortheimer: Were you aware of the bondholders in Detroit having insurance?

Snyder: “I did not know who had insurance.”

Wortheimer Do you recall Mr. Orr making a statement that federal law would trump the Michigan constitution?”

Snyder said “I had heard that from you in a deposition.”
Wortheimer: Has Mr. Orr ever said anything that would indicate that he has any intent to honor the state constitutional obligation as part of a plan? [objection]

Snyder asked to have question.
Wortheimer: “Has Mr. Orr ever communicated to you either directly or indirectly that he is going to propose a plan that is not going to affect the retirees?"

Snyder: Invokes attorney client privilege.

1:38 PM --

Wortheimer: wanted to know what conversations had been had with the Attorney General regarding the constitution and the pension benefits

Snyder said he had a conversation with the attorney general understanding he had a job requirement to do so and appreciated his opinion.

Wortheimer: wanted to know what the governor knew about the lawsuits being filed to prevent [the flowers case] regarding an injunction hearing being taken on July 22nd. Snyder: He had seen the papers but was not certain what the suits were going to include.

Wortheimer: discussion of emails needing to be found, the governor found the email. It was provided to Wortheimer. Wortheimer is not homing in on the time permission was granted to Kevyn Orr to file for
Chapter 9 and it was 3:47pm.

Wortheimer wanted to know when Kevyn Orr intended to file Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Snyder said he could not recall but generally it was around the time

Wortheimer: Did the state become involved in drafting the request for Chapter 9? Snyder: no.

Wortheimer wanted to know about the conversations between the governor’s office and Orr’s regarding the Chapter 9 filing and the governor invoked attorney client privilege.

Wortheimer is now looking into Wednesday July 17th, showing a rollout of bankruptcy filing provided by Orr’s office to the governor. Asked the governor if he recalls the document. Snyder said yes.

Woethwimer: On Wednesday the rollout said the filing would occur on the 19th. Snyder: “yes” Wortheimer: the filing didn’t happen on the 19th did it? Snyder: No. Wortheimer is discussing how the paperwork was changed to reflect the 18th. The governor said he only knows based on the fact that Wortheimer showed it to him.