Wortheimer: Is it correct that a judge placing restrictions on you that you transmitted your ok at 4:57 at the 18th.

Snyder: as I said deposition that the lawsuits shows they weren’t going to make a settlement.

Wortheimer: when you said lawsuits in that answer would you have been talking about the flowers lawsuit and the websuit and the pension lawsuit.

Snyder: Yes and many others.

2:05 PM --

Wortheimer is showing an email involves Mr. Dillon’s role with the Detroit problem. City objects on hearsay grounds. State objects, too.

Judge: What’s at issue is the city’s good faith in filing, so I would question how the good faith of the governor is relevant at all.

Wortheimer: We will be providing evidence that the state helped Kevyn Orr draft the memo on July 16.

Judge: How does this memo bear upon the city’s good faith at all?

Wortheimer: The city with all due respect to Mr. Orr that he was operating at the behest of the state. Pulling strings may be strong but the state of mind of the two principals is important. Judge rules he will allow testimony. Now state objects. And judge overrules.

Objections fly back and forth ... Judge over rules and admits the document.

Wortheimer questions the governor again about emails between his staff, legal counsel and himself.

Judge asks governor if he has seen the email before: said he had not read it or needed to read it.

Wortheimer: Now wants to go through the email ... it involves former Treasurer Andy Dillon, Richard Baird.

Wortheimer: Wants to know what investigation the governor took in between the time of Kevyn Orr’s request to file for bankruptcy and when you agreed?

Snyder: "I wanted more time. I wanted to sleep on such an important decision. I know you didn’t like this in the deposition but I literally I went back through the time I became governor, walked through the relationship with Dave Bing, all the paperwork. I didn’t find independent parties for this, I read the file and I made the decision."

Wortheimer: Took the governor through answers in a deposition regarding whether the governor only relied on the file and discussions with lawyers as to whether Wortheimer shows how the staff wanted “a more deliberative approach” to chapter 9.

There was much discussion of an email that recommended the governor go slowly on the chapter 9 filing and suggested being careful with the pension situation.

Email; “I favor this approach for a number of reasons but primarily because I think we should exercise the governor’s ability under PA 436 to place conditions upon his authorization for a bankruptcy filing. It talks about pre-approval for anything having to do with pension benefits.”

This was the end of the Wortheimer questioning of the governor.

2:14 PM --

Now questioning Governor Snyder is Peter Dechiarra from the United Auto Workers.

Dechiarra: Did you believe there should be large cuts in pension liabilities?

Snyder: I believe this is speculation right now.

DeChiarra: What about at the time. Let me simplify. Do you agree with the position that there need to?