11 AM --

Thomas Di Chiara is a UAW attorney who has taken over the cross examination of Kevyn Orr wanting to know about his pay as emergency manager.

Orr: "I did not take the job for the money."

DiChiara: "How much are you paid?"

Orr: “$275,000 a year.”

D: “When you were an attorney at Jones Day you made more than that?”
O: "Yes."
D: “Do you receive any other income?"
O: "I do not receive directly any other compensations. I have since learned they are paid from the NERD fund. I know nothing about that fund. I know it is related to the governor but I do not know."

D: “Richard Baird, do you know him?”

O: "Yes. He works for the state now."
D: "You know he works for the governor?"

O: "His title was transformation officer."

D: "Did he work with the governor?"

O: "To the best of my knowledge he does."

DiChiara continues discussing how Richard Baird spoke with Jones Day’s managers asking permission to speak to Orr about being emergency manager.

11:14 AM --

DiChiara continues chipping away at Orr’s hiring and how Orr wanted to insulate his former firm Jones Day from conflict of interest issues and also problems with the firm attempting to become Detroit’s bankruptcy counsel.

There was an objection to allowing an email regarding Kevyn Orr from Richard Baird the governor’s right hand to Kevyn Orr. The document they are looking at now discusses a summary of partnership prior to Orr’s hiring that would keep the current executive team in place.

Another set of emails is shown where Richard Baird is talking with Orr about his becoming emergency manager.

11:22 AM --

DiCihara now is asking Orr’s relationship with the governor, how often they meet or speak on the phone.

Orr: Weekly

DiChiara: Did you talk about the bankruptcy filing with the governo r weekly?

Orr: No

DiChiara: Do you recall talking with the Governor about Chapter 9 filing?

Orr: Yes in two to five meetings.

DiChiara: He does not want to discuss this because none of the conversations were held outside the presence of lawyers.

Judge Rhodes: What lawyers were present?