Local 4's Shawn Ley is inside the courtroom to update what happens at Detroit's first bankruptcy hearing.

Special Section: Detroit Bankrupt

11: a.m.

The judge is not expected to rule on these 

Robert Gordon, lawyer for retired cops and firefighters.

The thrust of our argument is:

The stay presumes facts not in evidence.

This case is unique.

Michigan has protection for pensions.

The governor approved the chapter 9, the governor also is sworn to uphold the constitution. 

He cannot authorize a bankruptcy filing that has a stated goal to go after pensions protected by the state constitution. 

To talk about the stay presumes that there has been a valid state authorization. There hasn’t.

The Ingham county judge already ruled against the governor.

That matter has not been stayed by the court of appeals. 

This means: They shouldn’t be in court today. Everything is void and trumped by the state constitution.

That is what retirees want to hear.

10:50 a.m.

Heather Lennox, Jones Day law firm is arguing on behalf of the city. 

She argues that the stay should extend to Gov. Snyder, “city agents and representatives.”

The city also wants to stay the three lawsuits already filed. 

The city says the lawsuits will “confuse” the proceedings. 

Now comes the “creditors": 

Michigan council 25 AFSCME