Local 4's Rod Meloni is blogging from inside Detroit's bankruptcy trial.

9:45 a.m.

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is back on the stand and is being questioned by Lynn Brimer, an attorney for the Detroit Retired Police Members Association.

She has been showing a series of emails from the Jones Day Law firm and others from Orr’s personal account discussing Detroit.

She is trying to establish a muddled timeline of when Orr left Jones Day and his communication with Jones Day’s attorneys with the implication that Detroit’s Bankruptcy was pre-ordained as early as January or February of 2013. 

She showed an email to Orr by a Jones Day attorney, to which Orr stated, “The state will probably will step up with this [handling the city’s pensions in a Ch. 9] that thus far has failed to concede this point at all.”

Brimer: Was it Possible bankruptcy was being discussed as early as January?

Orr: Anything’s possible, yes.
Brimer: Is the state handling the city’s pension obligations?

Orr: No.Brimer: It’s a foregone conclusion as of January 28th bankruptcy was a foregone conclusion?

Orr: No.


Another attorney has come to question Orr: Barbara Patek, representing public safety unions.  

Patek: Was it true that working conditions for Detroit police were deplorable?

Orr: The working conditions were substandard.

Patek: Wasn’t it true that the fire department was understaffed?

Orr: Struggled to answer and ended up saying he did not know.

Patek: was the staffing poor?

Orr: It was substandard 

Paddock moved on and started questioning Orr about his knowledge that police and firefighters were not included in social security. Orr said he was not aware early on, but is now.

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Orr continues to be cross examined by public safety union attorney Patek.

She is spending considerable time discussing PA 436 and its provisions regarding collective bargaining. The act suspends collective bargaining for five years as the emergency manager arrives and Orr said he has told his team not to conduct any collective bargaining. The Detroit Transportation Department had language in their contract that apparently allowed for collective bargaining after the EM arrived.


Patek you knew one of the bigger jobs you had to deal with as emergency manager was the pension and legacy cost issue?

Orr: Yes