3:08 PM -- Court is in recess

Some Housekeeping: Though the testimony has been moving very slowly it was decided Friday afternoon that no matter where the trial is, when the time comes Governor Rick Snyder will testify on Monday at 1 p.m.

3:25 PM --

Detroit Police Chief James Craig, who took over the DPD on July 1, 2013, has come to the stand. He is giving his work and educational history now.

4 PM --

New Detroit Police Chief James Craig is testifying with Robert Hertzberg of Piper Hamilton law firm conducting the direct examination.

H: "Why take the job?"
Chief: "It was a great opportunity. I knew the city was facing a myriad of problems. It was home. When I look across as my job as police chief it was very significant for my career."

Chief is here to testify regarding service delivery:

He was asked what he was told about the DPD’s condition prior to taking the job.

Chief: "Everything is broken, deplorable conditions, crime is extremely high, morale is low. An absence of leadership."

H: "What were you told about the city as you met with ... "

Chief: "Low morale, broken conditions."

Chief: "I’ve had a chance to go to all of the precincts the conditions of stations were deplorable. Our crime lab technicians work out of the heat sometimes worked, not a lot of space, deplorable conditions. As recent as yesterday in community meetings the deplorable conditions at police stations and people are wondering what I intend to do about that. In terms of Solving the crime: The homicide clearance rate was roughly 11 percent."

Please tell us about Crime statistics:

H: "Did you consider Detroit a violent city?"
Chief: “Very violent compared to cities I have worked. Compared to L.A. or Cincinnati it was the most violent city I had ever seen."

What was the clearance rate on Homicides?

Chief: "It was around 11 percent."

H: "Is that good?"
Chief: "Deplorable."

H: "Using the crime of robbery the clearance rate."

Chief: "It was 8 percent."

H: "Is that low?
Chief: "Extremely low."

H: "What was it like in L.A.?"

Chief: "25 percent."

H: "In Cincinnati?"

Chief: "It was roughly 25 or 35 percent."