H: "Were there problems with accountability?"

Chief: "Accountability was absent. The one thing the department did well. When I talk about accountability I’m talking about at the executive level. The department could be lauded for its success in the consent judgment. They were 31% compliant and got to 92% in a couple of years. But when you looked at other areas of the department managers were not being held accountable."

What do you view as your job?

Chief: "To reduce violent crime and increase morale."

H: “What was morale like?"

Chief: "It was the worst than anything I had ever seen even beyond when I was here as an officer in the 70s. They had been put on 10-hour shifts and had taken 10 percent paycuts and they were just looking to be police officers again."

Chief: "Detroit police management had taken a cookie cutter style management and there was no style in how the officers were deployed. After my staff started looking at it we started adjusting staffing."

H: "What is the average response time when you took over?"

Chief: "I was reported out to me it was 50 minutes."

H: "What was it like in LA?"

Chief: "7 minutes."

H: "Do you think this put residents safety at risk?"

Chief: "I did. The expectation that police would get there the expectations were that the cops would come immediately. I was told there were people calling and no cops showing up. We have two dispatchers facing charges for not sending police officers to crimes. One was a stabbing."

Chief: "It was very odd to me when I took over my office a full duty officer was assigned to gas and wash my car and several other officers doing clerical duties. We moved them out on an operational assignment and then started looking at other places in the department."

H: "Mayor’s personal protection: when you took over did DPD give the mayor protection. How many officers?"

Chief: "23. We have reduced that staff. There are now six officers with the mayor others were reassigned."

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