Making the choice to do this spin-off was especially perplexing considering that the show did NOT star Rhea Pearlman as Carla. Although she made some guest appearances during the brief five-month period in 1987 that the show aired on NBC, the "plot" centered on her obnoxious ex-husband Nick and his helium-voiced wife, Loretta.

The two characters were funny in small doses on "Cheers," but why give them their own half-hour sitcom? Scraping a fork on a plate was less irritating than this ill-conceived spin-off.

Of course, sometimes even good ideas fail miserably ...

Joey TV show

No. 2: "Joey"

Joey Tribbiani was a highly popular character on a highly popular TV sitcom. For many years, Matt LeBlanc's portrayal of the "lovable dumb guy" on "Friends" had fans laughing and applauding.

So it seemed only logical that when the "Friends" parted ways, Joey was the one ideally suited for a spin-off series.

This show could have been a major success. After all, Joey Tribbiani is good-looking, likable and pretty darn funny. Unfortunately, he just couldn't carry a series without his merry band of "Friends" co-stars, even with "Sopranos" star Drea de Matteo along for the ride.

As it turned out, the bulk of Joey's charm was based on his interactions with Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel and Monica. Without these other ensemble cast members to bounce his personality off, it simply fell flat.

But at least Joey stayed in right genre ...

The Bradys TV spin-off

No. 1: "The Bradys"

What do you get when you take a classic sit com where the family members' biggest problems revolve around sharing one bathroom, and turn it into a melodrama fit for an After School Special? "The Bradys," that's what.

"The Bradys" was one of several spin-offs from the original "Brady Bunch" series, but it was by far the worst of "the bunch." Although it lasted only six episodes (in 1990), audiences really didn't want to deal with the fact that Bobby was now in a wheelchair or that Jan and her husband were having problems in the bedroom.

This was the "TMI" show that never should have been. The beauty of the Bradys was that their lives were so simple and innocent and uncomplicated.

We don't want to see them dealing with alcoholism and infertility and debilitating car crashes. It's just wrong. There are plenty of other melodramas we can watch if we want to see that -- like the 6 o'clock news.