Creepy Crawlers toy

No. 2: Creepy Crawlers

"Creepy Crawlers" is actually a toy that dates back to the mid-1960s. In fact, I think my high school shop class used one to teach a lesson about making your own fishing lures.

What Creepy Crawlers did was give you a set of metal molds shaped like insects and worms. Into those you would squeeze liquid plastic (also known as "Goop").

A few minutes in an Easy Bake-esque Oven, and the things would be set up and ready for terrorizing your sister.

Creepy Crawlers went off the market in the early '80s, but you can't keep a disgusting toy down -- they were back in the 90s.

The liquid plastic even came in different varieties, including glow in the dark, scented, and glitter selections. Somehow, this toy even managed to spur a TV show that lasted for two seasons.

Garbage Pail Kids trading cards

No. 1: Garbage Pail Kids

The Garbage Pail Kids were trading cards and stickers that featured kids with some abnormality, that was meant to gross out even the most seasoned preteen boy.

The line included such characters as Itchy Ritchie (a kid with a skin condition), Potty Scotty (seen spending quality time in a toilet), and Frigid Bridget (a girl frozen in a block of ice).

The Garbage Pail Kids were inspired by the looks of the Cabbage Patch Kids, a trait that did not escape Coleco, which sued Garbage Pail Kids-maker Topps for copyright infringement.

Like others on our list, the Garbage Pail Kids spawned a movie and even a TV show. But don't let it be said that over reactive moms are complacent -- the show was delayed for a while because some moms raised a ruckus. But, America, being the awesome country that it is, still allowed it to be aired.

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