It has long been said that men become more distinguished as they age. These Baby Boomers are proving that men can also become sexier, more successful and more powerful with age, too.

From award-winning actors to American Idol judges to the president of the United States, take a look at some of the notable Baby Boomer men.

Paul Azinger (Born Jan. 6, 1960)
American golfer Paul Azinger was the captain of the 2008 U.S. Ryder Cup team. His strategy and game plan led the Americans to their first victory over the European team since 1999.

Alec Baldwin (Born April 3, 1958)
Actor Alec Baldwin has recently transitioned his career from movie star to television star. Baldwin revived his acting career with a role on "30 Rock." He has won an Emmy and two Golden Globes for portraying Jack Donaghy on the sitcom.

George Clooney (Born May 6, 1961)
Over the years, Oscar-winning actor George Clooney has broadened his career from television actor to movie star, to writer and director. One of Hollywood's most popular stars, Clooney is also one of the sexiest. He was named People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1997 and 2006.

Simon Cowell (Born Oct. 7, 1959)
British-born Simon Cowell has made a name for himself as the man American television audiences love to hate. But love him or hate him, Cowell has been a success. The "American Idol" judge is in the eighth season of the popular talent show, and he also recently starred in the third season of "Britain's Got Talent" and the fifth season of "The X Factor."

Ron Howard (Born March 1, 1954)
Once known as "Opie" for his role on "The Andy Griffith Show," and then as Richie Cunningham when he starred on "Happy Days," Ron Howard has transitioned his career into that of an award-winning director. Howard, who won an Academy Award for best director for "A Beautiful Mind," received another nomination this year for his direction of "Frost/Nixon."

Barack Obama (Born Aug. 4, 1961)
One of the younger Baby Boomers, Barack Obama may currently be the most powerful man of his generation. He became the United States' 44th president when he was sworn in on Jan. 20. He also made history by becoming the nation's first African-American president.

Sean Penn (Born Aug. 17, 1960)
Actor Sean Penn, who won an Academy Award for his role in "Mystic River," is among the nominees again for his role in "Milk." Penn, who has also made headlines for his political views, has now been nominated for an Oscar five times in his career.

Brad Pitt (Born Dec. 18, 1963)
Brad Pitt, who was born at the end of the Baby Boomer era, has made recent headlines for his love life and family life. But the American can act, too. Pitt, who is raising six children with actress Angelina Jolie, recently received an Academy Award nomination for best actor for his role in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," the story of a man who ages in reverse.

Bruce Springsteen (Born Sept. 23, 1949):
Singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen has won 18 Grammys throughout his long and storied musical career. He'll be back in the spotlight on Feb. 1 when he stars in the half-time show of Super Bowl XLIII.

Ken Whisenhunt (Born Feb. 28, 1962)
In just his second season as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, Ken Whisenhunt has taken the team to somewhere they've never been -- the Super Bowl. Whisenhunt and his staff have lifted the lowly team out of the league's cellar and into the NFL title game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.