The Internet is buzzing over photos and video of Christina Aguilera singing at the funeral of Etta James last weekend with some kind of liquid running down her leg.

Theories have abounded over the mystery fluid, although sources told Entertainment Weekly it was a self-tanner meltdown caused by nerves and the bright lights at the service.

Aguilera didn't seem too fazed by the incident.

During her performance, she bent down and wiped her legs with the sleeve of her black jacket. Afterward, she tweeted, "One of the greatest moments of my life ... Singing with my idol, the legendary Etta James. You will be forever missed." and posted a photo of herself with James taken several years ago.

On "The View," host Aisha Tyler sympathized with "The Voice" judge.

"Everybody's run out of the movie theatre with a sweatshirt around their waist... it could be that she's having her monthly visitor," Tyler suggested.

That possibility produced a strong reaction from guest Neil Patrick Harris.

"I was watching backstage, I was hoping it was runs in her stockings. And I was dry-heaving as I was watching. It's awful," he said before fake-vomiting into his coffee cup.