Actor Charles S. Dutton, with his long history in the entertainment industry, paid Local 4 studios a visit to talk about the opening of his new movie "The Obama Effect."

Dutton co-wrote, directs and is the lead actor in this Hollywood feature film about the effect the 2008 presidential election had on the country.  

Dutton's character, John Thomas, suffers a near fatal heart attack during the campaign and once he recovers becomes obsessed with the history making election. 

The film follows three diverse families with different political beliefs and will make you laugh out loud with the hilarious comedian Katt Williams playing an unwavering republican.   Other stars include Vanessa Bell Calloway that plays the role of Dutton's wife in the film.

Dutton was the star of the TV series "Roc" during the 90s and is a Tony-nominated Broadway star. 

Cee Lo Green wrote the soundtrack for The Obama Effect and Detroit native Barry Hankerson is the executive producer.

The film has been released in eight cities, including Detroit, and will be released nationwide in October.

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