Several years ago, as Monique Marks contemplated law school her soon to be husband, Attorney Bertram Marks told her "You would make a fine lawyer, but you are really a social worker. You should get a Masters Degree In Social Work."

Monique took his advice and has been social working ever since.

In 1997 she applied to be a social worker at Franklin Wright Settlement, a multi-service social agency on Detroit's eastside.

She got the job.

Each year she got a promotion and after 4 years time, Marks was the CEO of the organization.

Now about 1,500 folks come through her doors weekly. Marks has worked with one generation after another, grandparents, adults and children.

All types of people come to her daily, children, seniors citizens, parents and community folks.

They come for food or programs.

Marks and her organization offer early childhood development, mentoring, tutoring, sports and special programs just for seniors.

For example, several years ago there was a rash of crimes geared towards seniors on social security check day.

"We got to do something about this," said Marks.

So she got a van and scheduled pick-ups for seniors.

Marks took them to the bank, took them to the store, to pick up medicine and she brought them back to the center for a meal before taking them home.

The Problem went away.

Now you might think, yeah that is good but, isn't that is part of her job?

Marks is a social worker at heart and that does not stop when she leaves her job.

Through the past years Marks has taken into her home, at least 15 young people who need help.

She has feed these children, clothed them, helped them into college and kept them there.

Marks even helped one young person buy a car.

During this period of helping others, she has not forgotten about their parents.

She has helped the parents with the struggles of keeping communication going between the family and their children.

Not all has not been smooth sailing.

One of her, "children" went astray.

He ended up on the streets, becoming the dope man.

Marks knows where he is, she tracks him down everyday, checking on him.