Foggy Lake Take Off – Steven Hatch of Idaho Falls, ID

Umbrellas At Night – Steven Thompson of Mt Horeb, WI

Tourist View – Dave Ballis of Pinellas Park, FL



Dedication – Ed Ziehm of Fort Myers, FL

Joy! – Michaela Calanchini of San Francisco, CA

Hallway of Haystacks – Renee Vaughter-Delaware of Cottonwood, AZ

Protect at all Cost – Amy Larson of Mendota VA

Ava Admiring Baby Chick – Tim VanBrackle of Daytona Beach, FL

Bound By the Shoe – Nicole Andrews of Springfield, MO

Determined – Sal Rodriguez of St Clair Shores, MI

Have I Missed Something? – Carl Williams of Chesapeake, VA

Don’t let go! – Vincent Lee of Ijamsville, MD

Alli’s Dreams – Debra Vickers of Charleston, WV



A Cry for Help – Tavis Glover of Honolulu, HI

Forgotten Tale – Phil Koch of Milwaukee, WI

Hot Embers – Reid Collins of Eau Claire, WI

Quiet Before the Storm – Niki Aguirre of Woodbridge, VA

Space is just a memory… - Chad Kiraly of Jacksonville, FL

The Giant Chandelier – Cahill Taft of Newport, RI

The Ice Man Cometh – Wesley Wong of San Francisco, CA

The Sharing Game – Brooke Shaden of Oak Park, CA