Vigor Divided – Jesse McClear of Midland Township, MI

Wide Open – Marshal Skinner of Herndon, VA


The Unknown:

Moon Reflecting in Puddle – Steve Bartlett of Kent, WA

Salt – Claire Oring of Redondo Beach, CA

Stairwell Entity – Tom Stirling of Salem, MA

Ewwww…. – Ron Vollentine of Erie, PA

Goats In A Tree – Don Brown of Fort Lauderdale, FL

Heart – Dylan Singleton of Columbia, MD

Peek-A-Boo – Tyler Bolen of Spokane, WA

the hallway – Dylan Strickland of Los Angeles, CA

Too High – Kevin Vandivier of Austin, TX

Trouble ahead – Mike Beiriger of Los Angeles, CA



Unparalled – Jennifer Harris of New Orleans, LA