We all like to soak in the celebrity drama sauce. "He did what to who?" But celebrities are also leaders of the pack, genuinely looked up to for their talk, style and actions. Call this their "measure of influence."

So when they do something odd, it's fun to sit back and watch, but it's also interesting because this "measure" gets put on the line: Is that interesting new outfit of theirs going to be labeled "cool," "out there" or just plain stupid?

Even better, though, is when that odd something is an odd someone! In the wake of strange celebrity couplings, the public gets to ride that fence, tipping this way and that to determine whether their odd choice was a respectable "gutsy" or a disrespectin' "gross."

Here are five strange celebrity couples that'll have you choosing ...

No. 5: Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett

OK, so let's be mature about this and get over the immediate double-take response of this unusual-looking union. And heck, since it's over 15 years old now, we can look back with a bit more clarity.

When Roberts was becoming an A-lister she dove into the pool of Hollywood dating. Apparently, it took a toll on this Georgia gal -- broken engagement(s), running away with a former fiance's friend, etc. Boy, with all this romantic hoopla, a country songwriter must have seemed a nice remedy and respite.

In came calm, caring Lovett.

See? So it did make some sense. Well, let's not get too ahead of ourselves. This was an inevitable mismatch -- for the very reasons they got together. One is a drama-case dramatist. The other is a care-free crooner.

Oh, and Lovett isn't exactly conventionally handsome ... or handsome at all.

Up next, the tough gal and the delicate guy ...

No. 4: Heather Locklear and David Spade
They're not an item anymore. But they were, so let's talk about them.

Heather Locklear has been a hit with the dudes for ages. Her feminine wiles made her sassy, a little bit dangerous and very unattainable. It seemed appropriate that she'd go for the kind of guy able to tame her and match her "too much for you" style stride for stride.

Naturally, then, her men were rockers like Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora. And though rock stars don't always scream alpha male, they do have a penchant for getting a lot of women.

Then there's David Spade.

Spade's "whatever, man" attitude does resemble a rock star's, but more like a rock star's little brother. Maybe Locklear wanted to tone things down a bit. Then again, maybe she just likes to laugh.

Our next couple offers yet another reason to laugh at the '80s…

No. 3: Cher and Tom Cruise

Yeah, you read this right. Back in the '80s during an overlap of these two stars shining bright, they shone as one for a little while. Awwwww. It was never admitted to until recently. Now that it's out, here we are to gossip.
Twenty-two years ago, Cruise was a fun, likeable up-and-comer and Cher was a household name. For this reason alone the pairing would have turned heads back then.

Besides that, their auras clashed. Cher had a powerful, Amazonian presence and Cruise, according to Cher -- and undoubtedly many other female fans -- was "adorable."

Fast forward to today and some new oddities emerge. Like, who would've thought that Cruise would end up looking like the crazier one? And aside from dark hair, it's quite a contrast to see Cruise with the Cher of the '80s the Katie Holmes nicey-nice of today.

This next couple is so weird, it's normal ...

No. 2: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

All right, this is kind of an easy one, but not for the reasons you're thinking. See, they make this list not because they are weird together, but because they somehow seem so normal as a couple -- and that's what's so weird.

What did seem "normal" were their previous couples: Moore and Bruce Willis, a hunk action star and a sexy movie starlet. And Ashton Kutcher and Britney Murphy, the ditzy gal from "Clueless" with the dufus from "Dude, Where's My Car?".

But now it's been 10 years and going, and things (at least appear) to be smooth between the two. And by now, it's just so darned normal. That's right, normal for Ashton to be the father figure of girls just a decade younger than him and an ex-husband like Bruce Willis to buddy up to.

Up last, the model and the bottle…

No. 1: Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel

They did divorce some time ago. But then again, that means they were married. Chalk this up as a musician who isn't afraid to go after his dreams. And for that, he gets much respect.

Now let's lampoon them a bit. First, we got the looks department. Obviously it's tipped in her favor. But forgiving that (because it's often tipped in the woman's favor), there's just a clash of styles here. A stout singer who croons and drinks seems out of touch with the health-conscious Brinkley.

Also, she's a woman of outer glam and shine, while he's a man of deeper, heartfelt expression. In another world they may have made a great complementary couple, but more often than not on this Earth, this is a mismatch. And now the results seem as such.

However, it's not like either has found their perfect match since the breakup, with Brinkley having two more failed marriages, giving her four divorces in total, and Joel's next marriage, his third, breaking up in 2009.

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