Sylvester Stallone's doppelganger spotted at Vatican

Fresco painted by Raphael Sanzio da Urbino in 1511

Published On: May 14 2012 11:27:54 AM EDT   Updated On: May 15 2012 10:46:09 AM EDT

An American tourist visiting the Vatican in Rome said he spotted actor Sylvester Stallone's look-alike in an early 16th century fresco.

Harvard University student Anthony Zonfrell, 20, said he was on vacation with his family in Italy when he saw the "Rocky" star's likeness in the Stanza della Signatura -- a fresco painted by Raphael Sanzio da Urbino in 1511 -- that adorns one of the Raphael Rooms at the Vatican, ANI reported.

According to reports, the masterpiece depicts Pope Gregory IX approving the Vatical Decretals.

"We just saw it, we realized that it was a perfect copy of Stallone, something really funny," Zonfrel told La Republica.

Zonfrell posted the image to the community website Reddit, which has netted more than 700,000 views.