Could the 'Twilight' saga continue?

'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' to premiere in November

Published On: Jan 19 2012 01:09:42 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 24 2012 08:12:24 AM EST

Now that Lionsgate has acquired Summit Entertainment, a top exec at the studio is hoping that Summit Entertainment's "Twilight" franchise has a bit more life left in it.

Adapted from Stephenie Meyer's four-book fiction series, "The Twilight Saga" was broken out into five films, with the fifth, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," arriving in theaters this November.

And although that would signal the end of Bella and Edward's tale being translated to film, the chief executive of Lionsgate appears nonetheless optimistic that they'll somehow be able to extend the story.

"I'm anticipating 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' being $700 million-plus in worldwide box office," the exec, Jon Feltheimer, told the L.A. Times. "It's hard for me to imagine a movie that does $700 million-plus doesn't have ongoing value."

But before you get up in arms, recognize this sounds more like wishful thinking - Feltheimer is even hopeful about the idea of a "Twilight" TV show.

"It's an amazing franchise that they have done a great job of maintaining with absolutely no deterioration," he said, adding that the "simple answer" to the question of whether "Twilight" would continue at Lionsgate in some way being, "Boy, I hope so."