It has been made official: Dave and Chuck 'The Freak' will be replacing Drew and Mike on WRIF-FM.

The team will take to the airwaves on May 28.

The station posted the announcement the 101 WRIF Facebook page: "Congratulations to Dave and Chuck The Freak on their new home, right here on 101 WRIF!!!!!!!!"

Likewise, Dave and Chuck posted on their Facebook page:

“It may not be the biggest surprise anymore, but we are now officially allowed to tell you about our new station. Starting Tuesday May 28th at 6am, we'll be at our new home on 101.1 FM WRIF - Detroit's Rock Station. We are so excited to talk to you all again and are so incredibly thankful for all your words of support & well wishes. By the way, we have great respect for Drew & Mike and their 22 year legacy at the station and waited to share our news until they & their team could officially sign off.

Spread the word and make sure you're up bright and early to join us next Tuesday on 101 WRIF!

-- Dave, Chuck & Lisa ”

Dave (whose full name is Dave Hunter) and Chuck 'The Freak' (whose real name is Charles Urquhart) left their stint at 89X in November.

Since that time, they had been working under a non-compete agreement.

Just two weeks ago, Greater Media Detroit announced Drew and Mike's last broadcast would be May 17. They had been a staple on the station's airwaves for 22 years.

No reason was given for their termination -- but Drew told Local 4's Devin Scillian, "Money must be in there somewhere."

Mike added, "But, we're not done yet we've not hung up the whole situation. Obviously we're going to regroup. We'll find something. We'll be back on a frequency. We want to stay together and go forward."

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Published On: May 16 2013 10:45:12 AM EDT

Drew and Mike open up to Local 4's Devin Scillian about their contract with WRIF not being renewed after 22 years on Detroit radio.

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