Is John Mayer's new single about Taylor Swift?

Lyrics to 'Paper Doll' recall country star's 'Dear John' from 2010

Author: Ken Haddad, Social Media Producer, @KenHLocal4,
Published On: Jun 19 2013 12:24:08 PM EDT

John Mayer's new video for his single ''Paper Doll", has gone viral for many reasons.

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The creator of viral sensation 'Prancercise' - the half-horsey dance, half skipping exercise method, is front and center in the video.

Another reason is that many fans of Mayer believe this new video and song is directed at ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. Mayer himself makes no appearance in the video, but the lyrics to the song scroll at the bottom of the screen. He clearly wanted to call attention to his words in the video and the meaning behind them has generated discussion.

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Watch the video, and judge for yourself!