What is your all-star list of Saturday Night Live performers, dating back to the inception of the show in the 1970’s?

This is a tough one. You have only seven choices, the original number of the Not-Yet-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players.

--Original cast members of SNL

Your list should take into consideration how your all-stars, from different eras, would blend as an ensemble.

With apologies to hysterical stars omitted from the list, here are my top seven:


  1. Gilda Radner
  2. Molly Shannon
  3. Amy Poehler
  4. Eddie Murphy
  5. Dana Carvey
  6. Chris Farley
  7. Will Ferrell


For the record, it pains me to exclude Maya Rudolph, Dan Aykroyd, Mike Myers, Phil Hartman, Jan Hooks, Bill Murray and Jimmy Fallon.

So, let’s see YOUR list !


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