It takes a lot of time and energy for women to make themselves beautiful. In fact, a new study by the British beauty brand Escentual asked women how much time they spend doing certain beauty rituals.

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It showed women spend approximately 72 days shaving their legs dur8ing the course of a lifetime. In case you need the math on that one - it equals approximately 1,728 leg shaving hours. Shaving also ranked as a woman's most hated beauty ritual. In fact, 35 percent of the women surveyed said they disliked shaving their legs more than anything else - above doing their hair or tweezing their eyebrows.

The break-down of other beauty rituals includes:

  • Styling hair 294 days
  • Removing makeup: 52 days
  • Moisturizing: 44 days
  • Tweezing eyebrows: 30 days
  • Coloring hair: 23 days
  • Painting nails: 20 days
  • Exfoliating: 20 days
    Painting toenails: 11 days
  • Self tanning: 12 days.

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