If you know someone who doesn't like doing math homework, this story could change their mind.

A new jobs report has named mathematician as the top job of 2014. CareerCast.com has done the research. It looked at factors like job environment, stress level and salary. The job site says mathematicians have plenty of diverse opportunities with lower stress and a median salary of around $101,360.

Of course, salary isn't everything. CareerCast.com says a tenured university professor probably deals with even less stress than a mathematician. So, professor comes in second, even though the average salary is about $68,970. Another number cruncher comes in third, statistician!

Worst Jobs

At the other end of the spectrum, lumberjack is ranked 200 out of 200 jobs.

The average salary is about $24,340, and the job gets low marks for work environment and stress level.

If you'd like to read the entire list of 200 jobs, follow this link.