Seven years ago, Raquel Mandel got into the DNA business when she launched "All About Truth," a DNA testing service.

"We can perform DNA detection, blood detection, saliva detections," she said.

Mandel can use DNA to help children find their fathers and even reunite families. However, Mandel said interest is growing in using DNA to catch cheaters.

"Most of the cases we do simple swabbing," she said. "We have our gloves, we wear gloves for every case, and we put it right into an envelope."

The customers may not be who one might expect.

"Unbelievably, we have more men coming to see if their wives or girlfriends, or fiances, are cheating on them," Mandel said.

Customers show up at her Florida clinic with samples, bottles, toothbrushes, razors, hair, underwear -- anything with a trace of DNA.

Sometimes the DNA found belongs to the couple and sometimes it doesn't.

"It gets complicating, it does," Mandel said. "I mean, sometimes we end marriages and sometimes we save them."

That can turn the DNA customers into grief counselors.

"We do get them calling back and saying are you sure these test results are correct?" Mandel said. "And we stand behind our tests."

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