More than one in four women admit the biggest pressure to be "beautiful" comes from themselves, according to a new study.

Do you find yourself attractive?

Only one in eight have the confidence to call themselves "attractive".

The survey of 1,000 women, conducted by Dove Skincare, found more than three-quarters rated "real women" as the image they would most like to see in beauty advertising, over celebrities and teenage girls.

Your last compliment was....

However, one-in-four women were unable to remember when they last received a compliment that made them feel beautiful.

The poll found 27% of women admit the biggest pressure to be beautiful actually comes from themselves. As a result, just 8% of women have the confidence to call themselves 'attractive'.

Although "being loved" rated highest as the biggest influence on confidence, looks are still playing a key role in boosting self-esteem. The vast majority of women agree they feel their best inside and out when they care about the way they look.

The art of paying compliments also rated highly in helping women feel beautiful, with 50 per cent agreeing they feel more confident when they are complimented - second only to being in a happy relationship.