Members of the Local 4 family salute their dads in celebration of Father's Day.

Guy Gordon

I had the good fortune to work for my dad for several summers.

One of the things, it wasn’t what he said or advice he gave, it was just the example, and the illustration, he gave by his actions. He was always concerned about whether he was being fair with the “other guy” in his business dealings. Even to the point, in some cases, it would put him at a disadvantage. And, I think the whole notion of being fair with people you deal with, day in and day out, is a lasting lesson that I’ve tried to put into focus any time I do what I do.

Ruth Spencer

I love this photo of my father.  He’s at boot camp in San Diego getting ready to eventually ship out for the Korean War.  When I think of my dad I always remember his patriotism.  I can still hear him saying, “My country, right or wrong.”  He was also a hard worker and a gifted salesman.  He was able to support our middle class family in style,  and my mom, brother, sister, and I never felt deprived.  Dad loved music and at one time he had his own band.  He also enjoyed volunteering with groups that helped teenagers develop leader-ship skills and good self-esteem.  My dad had a magnetic personality and a very big heart.  He knew how to be a loyal  friend.  And he set an example of good character for his kids.  When my dad died I was struck by how many people attended his funeral.  In fact during the service there was still a line of mourners waiting to get in. You see - my father wasn’t famous.  He never made a fortune, wrote a book, or saw his name in lights.  He was just a good man doing good when he could.  He was honest, reliable, and stayed around when the going got rough.  I wish there were more men like

him today. I miss you, Dad. Love, Ruthie

Rhonda Walker

I am a confessed and proud daddy’s girl and I have been my entire life. 

My father, Dr. Ronald Gillum just celebrated his 74th birthday and I'm so thankful he is in great health and enjoying his retirement years with my mom, they so deserve it!  I had an awesome, fun and memorable upbringing with my family because my parents are truly the best

My dad enjoys a round of golf everyday weather permitting and every Father’s Day we golf together at a different Michigan golf course.  It’s one of my favorite days of the year and it’s been our tradition for over 20 years!  One of my fondest childhood memories is the patience he showed when teaching me how to play!  Our best bonding moments are over a game of golf.  Another fond memory, when I was little I went to church with my dad every Sunday because I loved being able to get any time with him just the two of us.  He was a church deacon so my entire family didn’t go every Sunday like my dad, so I figured out if I went with him, I’d get to have him all to myself.  And that quality time was not isolated to the weekends, for two years until I got my drivers license my dad drove me to high school everyday.  I wasn’t very fond of the school bus, so he changed his work schedule to start work earlier just to take me to school.  He spoiled me a ton but I swear I’m not rotten!  My dad is a great teacher, friend, confidant, cheerleader and role model.  He instilled in me a great work ethic, leadership skills, the importance of giving back to the community and to believe I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.  He is my biggest inspiration in life and still the person I work hard in my career, relationships and in the community to make proud! 

Steve Garagiola

The memories I have with my dad are of the great outings he took me on, going to work with him. It didn't occur to me at the time that it was pretty different than most other kids. After we moved to New York, my dad often worked at Yankee Stadium as a radio announcer for the Yankees. On the occasions that I went to work with him, I got to sit in the press box pretending to broadcast the games the way he did. I remember trips into the Yankee clubhouse after games where he did interviews. There sat Mantle, Maris, Whitey Ford.  Whoa! Thanks Dad.


The photo is with my dad and brother Joe (who is now a VP in the Commissioner's Office). That was in St. Petersburg where we went spent six weeks every year at spring training.  

Ashlee Baracy

My dad has such a special place in my heart for so many reasons. When I was a little girl, he would take me everywhere with him. I had my own hockey stick that I would play with when he would play floor hockey and a miniature tool belt that I wore when he took me to work with him. I have always admired his hard work ethic.

More importantly, we have always had a close bond, which grew stronger when my mom was going through treatment for cancer nearly ten years ago.

Celebrating Father's Day: Ashlee Baracy and her dad

My favorite memory was sitting next to him after my mom came out of surgery from her mastectomy and he looked her in the eyes and told her how beautiful she was and how much he loved her. That moment epitomizes the kind of man my father is and how blessed I am to call him my dad. As I have grown up, he has been my biggest supporter and fan. My most recent favorite memories are seeing him run with my mom to the edge of the Miss Michigan stage when I won and watching them both jump up and down in excitement with tears in their eyes and of course spending football Saturdays in the Big House with him cheering on the maize and blue. I love my dad!

Brandon Roux

My dad is Frank George Roux Jr. and he is the best! He has done what all good fathers do. He taught his son how to make his way in the world. Most of my childhood memories revolve around sports. He helped launch a little league program in our hometown outside of Chicago. He coached on the field.  And off the field, he told me how proud he was while always focused on the things I could do better.

We had season tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks and I grew up in the Old Chicago Stadium. Those memories will NEVER leave me or him. Two years ago, we watched the Hawks win the Stanley Cup together (Sorry Wings Fans) and celebrated with my son, Christian, in the parade downtown. My dad always wears a sport coat and he did that day. It was 95 degrees! He told the crowd he was on a weight loss program.